Thursday, January 4, 2007

Scent of my birth

Since the scent of my birth
I have been hunted
By the forthcoming future
Unknown visions still buried in time
Untold voices resting in silence
Unspoken truth remaining in doubt
Now revealed to me
But still my path is hidden
Clear from insights
Insights still to awake

Since the essence of my fate
I have been haunted
By the malicious darkness
Unreal spirits still hollow in dark
Unholy specters resting in haze
Unearthly ghosts remaining in shadows
Now revealed to me
But still my path is concealed
Sealed in mazes
Mazes still to unlock

For the fortitude
And for the weakness
May this destiny of mine
Perjure to my future?

For the cradle
And for the grave
May this darkness of mine
vanish to my oblivion?

"When the ash will bloom from the ground
When the blood will flood all the seas
When the dust will fill the winds
You shall have your share on the earth"

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