Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chimera's Dream

I don't know what or who
I may seem to be
I don't know when or where
I may seem to belong

Am i some angel's descent?
Am i some demon's ancestry?
Am i some ghost's apparition?

Sometimes i feel
My heart is paragon
Sometimes i feel
My will is malignant
Sometimes i feel
My mind is shattered

Not fallen but earthly
No! Not a son of lilith!
Hollow and meaningless

The purest of the innocence
Lightening up in my chest
Like a flawless diamond
Blessing the life from within

The blackest of the pain
Lacquering inside my inner self
Like a ruthless amethyst
Burning the life from within

The faintest of the sorrow
Swallowing my reason to be
Like a worthless glass
Faking the life from within

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